About OrientMCT

OrientMCT, is a leading Technology, Training and Management Consulting firm, established and florishing under the leadership of experienced team of professionals with a passion for technology, coaching and mentoring individuals and organizations. 

At OrientMCT, we are human-centric as we believe that people are the biggest asset of a company and, if nurtured properly, produce outstanding results. Our practical result-oriented programs and solutions deliver measurable improvements at all levels of an organization. We provide businesses with a powerful technology and learning experience that will remain with them throughout their lifetime, combining analytic rigor, a result-oriented approach, and inspirational delivery technique. 

We provide individual and corporate executive coaching solutions in addition to our public training programs. From Leadership to Sales, from Health and Safety to Financial Services, whatever your training needs, we are sure to provide high-quality courses to cater for them. 

We specialize in designing customized solutions centered around your training requirements. Our training experts have knowledge and experience to develop these in collaboration with your teams. We also conduct pre-course assessments about specific training requirements, as well as post-course evaluations covering what they have taken away from the training as well as gathering feedback about their training experience. 

Most organizations are under pressure to determine the effectiveness of their training events. Therefore we offer a range of tools and assessments, including a 360° in-house evaluation system that will enable you to answer the question “Did the training work?” 
We arrange the very best trainers for your programs that have relevant skills and experience matching your environment. This means that attendees can expect the highest standards of training content and delivery. 

Our trainers are selected based upon their skills and experience, their standing in the industry, the range of alternative delivery methods that they have and also on their ability to deliver compelling, vibrant, fun and effective courses. We believe that learning should be fun and effective. When the two go hand in hand you create a powerful learning experience that will remain with the delegates way beyond the actual event itself. We have adopted a policy of continuous improvement with all of our trainers through formal feedback sessions. 

Something that we believe strongly in is the ability to help the participants to implement and develop the skills that they have learned into their everyday working lives. We offer this through post-course email and phone support.