The Abu Dhabi Award for Excellence in Government Performance was created specifically for the Abu Dhabi government organizations and SOEs as part of a vision to improve their performance and place Abu Dhabi in the top five governments of the world. The Award is not meant to segregate winners from losers, but to provide a comprehensive framework within which firms can evaluate themselves, and shine a light on where improvements can be made. It provides a guide for agencies on their journey to excellence, and is built upon years of experience and specific knowledge.


Orient MCT Consulting Services:

  • Development & Implementation of Government Excellence Framework
  • Organizational Excellence Capacity Building
  • Technology Platform & Solution for Government Excellence Training & Implementation
  • Building Organizational Strategic Excellence Framework
  • Preparation & Assessments for Government Excellence Model
  • Preparation and Implementation of TQM, EFQM & Quality Management Systems
  • Benchmarking & Business Process Re-Engineering
  • Private& Corporate Business Excellence Systems