OSHAD SF Occupational Health & Safety

OSHAD SF is a management tool that integrates Occupational Health and Safety management components of a business into one coherent system. The integration of these components allows the business to achieve its objectives efficiently by managing the impacts of various activities and minimizing workplace risks.

The following sectors have been identified to develop, implement and compliance with the OSHAD SF requirements.

Government Sector

Industrial Sector – Industrial facilities

Building and Construction Sector – Contractors, Developers and Consultants

Health Sector – Hospitals, Clinics, Pharmacies and Medical Labs

Tourism and Culture Sector – Hotels, Hotel Apartments and Tourism & Culture activities

Transport Sector – Surface Transport, Marine Transport and Aviation

Waste Sector – Waste Facilities (Collection / Transportations/ Processing/ Thermal treatment/ Disposal/ Remediation pest control/mobile waste processing)

Education Sector – Schools, Universities, Colleges, Academies and Nurseries

Food Sector – Food Processing, Meat Production, Food Catering and Retail and Storage

Commercial Sector – Shops dealing with other than food services and small workshops.

Energy Sector – Electricity & Water generation entities, Electricity & Water transmission entities and Electricity & Water distribution entities.


Consultancy Services

Orient MCT as an approved company from Abu Dhabi Occupational and Health Center (OSHAD) to provide consultancy services for the entities to develop / update a standalone management system based on entirely on the OSHAD-SF. We also provide consultancy services for entities to incorporate these requirements into existing management systems.


External audit is designed to be a systematic, independent and documented process for obtaining audit evidence and evaluating it objectivity to determine the extent to OSHAD SF requirements are fulfilled. To compliance with the annual external auditing for entities, Orient MCT as an approved company from OSHAD shall conduct the external audits to verify the level of compliance of an entity to the OSHAD SF and to the entity’s approved OSHMS. The External audits will be conducted by the OSHAD approved Lead Auditors.