Admin & Secretarial

Gone are the days when being a secretary meant simply taking care of the typing, filing and answering of phones. Today, a great secretary is central to the smooth running of any business, ensuring day to day activities happen in the most efficient manner. A secretary is responsible for the administrative, planning, and organizational duties involved in maintaining a business. They have a wide variety of daily tasks such as manning the phones, making appointments and scheduling meetings, handling filing systems, and organizing mail. Most commonly, secretaries work for businesses, law or medical offices, or hospitals, but some positions allow secretaries to work from home. Secretaries often handle confidential information, so they must be discreet and respectful of their employers and clients. 

OrientMCT will let you intensively learn about the essential skills to be a highly regarded secretary or executive assistant, working under pressure and prioritizing workloads which allow executives and managers to work more effectively.