Adv Info Sys & Tech Audit

IS&T Related GRC

  • Understand and develop a risk matrix for information assets
  • How to identify and prioritise complex IS&T related risks
  • How to assess on third parties IS&T services and determine associated risks
  • How to assess the data and assign risk values to different sources of information.

Organization’s IS&T Environment

  • Detailed understanding and application of the concepts of key IS&T related policies
  • Detailed understanding of the structure of critical data
  • Understanding relevant legal and regulatory requirements relating to IS&T
  • Understanding the relevance and impact of new IS&T concepts , latest best practices, developments and standards

IS&T Audit Techniques

  • Detailed understanding and application of IS&T standard, auditing practices and techniques to complex situations
  • Detailed understanding of data and business processes related to IS&T
  • Understand and define complex data requirements and obtain data in appropriate format
  • How to conduct complex data interrogations and extractions
  • Understand the IS&T auditing developments and methodology to the audit plan