Adv Info Sys & Tech Audit

Advance Information Systems & Technology Audit training aims to make working professionals adept at evaluating, securing and controlling complex business and IT systems in an enterprise. It is designed to be a career differentiator for information security or IT professionals who wish to enhance their marketability and credibility. This is an ideal path for those looking at a long-term career in Information Systems Auditing. This course is highly recommended for IS/IT auditors, IT managers, Audit Managers, Security Managers, System Analysts, Consultants, and even CIOs and CTOs.

OrientMCT will guide you as you aim for CISA certification that is globally recognized OrientMCT will engage you to its 5 doamians; information system auditing, management and governance of IT, acquisition to development and to final implementation of information system. Operation, maintenance and service management of Information System and how to Protect your information assets will also be discussed.