Advanced Health and Safety Management System

It’s an advanced program designed to develop leaders in health and safety, with a mixture of business management skills and specialized technical health and safety skills. A differentiating theme throughout all courses is a focus on “system thinking” rather than “incident thinking”. This training consists of four core management courses that focus on giving a broad understanding of business, leadership, communications, workplace training, and decision-making. Participants will hear from industry experts on complex issues such as implementing effective employee health management programs, worksite wellness programs, communicable disease control in the workplace and risk management. Promotion strategies outlining the business case for workplace environmental, health and safety (EHS) will be emphasized.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify key hazards & importance of health and safety rules
  • Design safe practices and procedures
  • Implement best-in-class standards in health and safety management
  • Give you a basic understanding of the principles behind the derivation of standards   for health and environmental protection
  • Equip you with the analytical skills to examine reports on such issues
  • Establish and execute risk assessment program
  • Conduct health and safety auditing
  • Gain an understanding of business, leadership, communications, workplace training, and decision-making
  • Move from "incident thinking" to "system thinking"
  • Understand how increased overlap between safety, risk management and human resources can lead to improved industry performance