Balanced Scorecard

This is a Comprehensive approach to strategic planning, strategic management, performance measurement and target setting, initiative prioritization, performance information systems, and program evaluation. This methodology and approach for building and implementing balanced scorecard planning and management systems helps the organization to development practices, such as SWOT analysis, employee assessment planning, customer and stakeholder identification, and balanced scorecard program planning.

The communications strategy development and change management aspects of the balanced scorecard journey develops the modern approach to strategic thinking and strategy mapping.

Exercise and Case Studies

Through case studies and a series of interactive small-group workshops, participants will apply the balanced scorecard concepts to meet the challenges facing a typical organization.

Exercises performed throughout this course include:

  • Launching a BSC program and establishing work teams
  • Incorporating communications planning and change management into the scorecard development process
  • Use an organizational assessment to set vision, mission, and strategy
  • Understand who your customers and stakeholders are and what they need from your organization
  • Develop a customer value proposition and strategy profile
  • Develop an organization's strategic themes, strategic results and perspectives
  • Develop and refine strategic objectives and strategy maps
  • Develop and refine performance measures and targets, aligned to strategy
  • Develop & prioritize new initiatives to execute strategy
  • Cascade a scorecard to develop alignment by developing strategic objectives, strategy maps, performance measures, and initiatives at the Tier 2 and 3 levels
  • Evaluate and improve a poorly designed system