Boosting Campus Student Engagement in the Digital Era

Engaging your students can be difficult. Students are faced with constant distractions, and the sad truth is that attention spans are getting shorter.

As educators, a high level of engagement should be a priority. It shouldn’t be surprising that the more students are engaged, the more they learn. It also makes it significantly easier to maintain your energy throughout the day.

Today’s students grew up in the digital age. Rather than viewing technology as a distraction, we should be taking advantage of it to increase student engagement. To make sure that students are getting the most out of every lesson, the content should be presented in a way that the work has a clear meaning and immediate value to your students.

Technology in the classroom allows students to gain a deeper understanding of topics that interest them, collaborate with each other, and direct their learning. This course will help faculty lecturers and higher education managers and professionals to understand the needed strategies and teaching practices that you can incorporate technology into your classroom to increase student engagement.