Career Development

In this course you will learn who are you?  How to make your passion as your profession? You will have in-depth information about your values and beliefs and how important are they in your life. Learn to understand your personality traits. To know your own self you also need to know others, so this course will give you insight about reading and knowing others. You will be able to know your passion and set life goals. You will learn about communication skills using body language and NLP techniques.

OrientMCT will help you identify what you do, why you do and how you do. Identify your values and beliefs and develop understanding of goals and how to achieve the same.  You will be guided on how to choose your career, how to build a career on your passion and what skills are required for the university of hard knocks to be the best. You will be given knowledge on how to develop sensory acuity to read people, read body language and micro-expressions and most importantly to handle your personal emotions while knowing others’ emotions.