Construction Safety

This course provides construction personnel and entry level workers an overview of the basic hazards that will be encountered on a construction site, how site safety is organized and implemented as well as which areas fall under the umbrella of OSHA’s jurisdiction. Students will gain a basic understanding of how regulations and OSHA safeguards operate to protect both workers and employers, and how they can benefit personally from a better understanding of OSHA standards.

Learning Objectives 

  • Explain OSHA’s purpose and how its standards serve to make the workplace safer for construction workers
  • Discuss the major areas in construction to which OSHA standards apply, and what those standards mandate
  • Recall what employer/employee issues OSHA covers, how and when to contact OSHA, and what protections OSHA may provide
  • Name overall safety practices relevant to the construction industry, and explain what precautions to take against hazards on the job