Creativity and Innovation Skills

Relying on yesterday’s ideas, products and assumptions can spell failure and be a detriment. Now you can learn proven creative thinking techniques to generate new ideas and get a blueprint for establishing a climate of innovation in this lively, interactive, and hands-on seminar. You will discover new ways to break through mental barriers and roadblocks—to improve performance, stimulate creative thinking and unleash the creative potential in yourself and your team. Providing a range of simple creative thinking techniques that attendees can use to generate ideas and solve problems at work.

OrientMCT will help you understand why some people are naturally creative, and how others can develop skills. Be knowledge of how to use a range of creative thinking methods, tools, and techniques to generate ideas and solve problems.  Encourage out-of-the-box thinking. You will be guided on opportunity to apply the methods and tools to generate ideas for improving areas of their own work. Practice creative thinking methods to generate ideas and solutions. You will acquire skills to turn existing problems into opportunities for growth. Discover new techniques for securing enthusiasm for new initiatives. Enhance morale, performance, & collaboration. Apply creative thinking techniques to foster innovation and improvements