Emergency Evacuation

Comprehensive courses in emergency preparedness. Lives can be saved and damage to property can be minimalized when the people are prepared and have the necessary skills accumulated from emergency response training. Fires, explosions, chemical releases, violence or biological releases all pose a threat to everyone in your organization’s facilities. One way to ensure the safety of all affected populations, and reduce the risk to your organization, is to have an evacuation plan. 

As per guidelines of OSHAD-SF – CoP - 7.0 - Fire Prevention Planning and Control

Learning Objectives 

  • Understand the process and requirements for Emergency Management and Emergency evacuation and planning for facilities management
  • Gain insight into the need for an Emergency Response Policy and Framework and the linkage to
  • The ERM Policy and Framework
  • The importance of understanding and implementing
  • The latest Emergency Management Standards and
  • WH&S regulations – are they separately managed or combined responsibilities?
  • Understanding the roles and responsibilities of the
  • Emergency Planning Committee (EPC) and Emergency Control Organization (ECO)
  • Learn how to develop a practical Emergency Response Plan