Fraud Awareness & Prevention

Fraud Awareness and Prevention Training speaks of awareness about fraud and embedding anti-fraud procedures in the system of your organization can have significant impact on the sustainability of your organization in the long term.

This workshop will help you to learn why people commit fraud, how to identify fraud risks, establish an anti-fraud culture and ensure fraud awareness in your organization.


• Statistical Overview of Fraud Problem
• Common Types of Fraud
• Who Commits Fraud?
• The Fraud Triangle
• The Fraud Diamond
• Red Flags

Fraud Risk Management

• Fraud Risk Program – Components
• Fraud Risk Assessment – Components
• Conducting Fraud Risk Assessment – Case Studies

Practical Fraud

• Case Studies – A Practical Perspective
• Fraud Prevention Program
• Fraud Manual

Fraud Tools

• Fraud Prevention Check list – A Practical Perspective
• Fraud Detection Program
• Fraud Prevention and Detection Score Cards
• Fraud Investigation Program