HABC Lvl 3 First Aid AED

  The HABC Level 3 Award in First Aid Response is designed to support learners in gaining a more comprehensive understanding of first aid along with an understanding  of how important medical/environmental intelligence is when dealing with a range of  casualties. 

As  per  guidelines  of  OSHAD-SF  –  CoP  -  4.0 –  First  Aid  And  Medical Emergency 

Learning Objectives:

  • List the principles of First Aid and Basic Life Support
  • Discuss the ethical & legal considerations related to First Aid and Basic Life Support Demonstrate how to contact the Emergency Services
  • Explain how to reduce the risk of exposure to blood borne pathogens
  • Explain the measures taken in case of exposure to blood borne pathogens
  • Perform an initial assessment of the victim Manage a medical emergency effectively Manage a traumatic emergency effectively
  • Demonstrate resuscitation skills effectively
  • Describe the location and usage of Medical Equipment in the workplace 2-3 days (18 hours)

Duration 2-3 days (18 hours)

Certification: HABC, UK