Handling Difficult Customers

People are not DIFFICULT, yet they are DIFFERENT. To handle different people we need to know how to know what language their brain speaks and how do they project their perception. It is our ability to understand a person that makes us apt in handling different people and difficult situations.

CUSTOMERS are only of two main types INTERNAL and EXTERNAL. They can be found at work place or within our homes. Relations get ruined when people are not able to understand and comprehend the differences between hese different people.

Learning Objectives
By the end of this seminar, you will be able to:

• Identify a “difficult or different person”
• Explore the reasons why a person is difficult
• Read their body language and micro-expressions to understand their emotions behind words
• Identify if the anger is on you or some product or service
• Handle your personal emotions while knowing their emotions
• Understand the importance of non-verbal communication when dealing with a difficult or different people
• Be an active listener
• Deal with conflict and negotiate win-win solutions
• How to handle stress in such situations
• Learn the 4G principle of life