Organizational Skills Workshop

As a manager, you face a critical choice. You may have made it already because it’s often made unconsciously. It arose when you discovered two fundamental features of organizations that may have surprised you.
The first surprise is the level of help and cooperation you need from others, and they need from you. No group can succeed by itself. As a result, instead of the freedom and independence you probably expected as a manager, you found dependence, or more accurately, interdependence.
The second surprise is related to the first: you find political conflict everywhere because the diverse groups in your organization, though they depend on each other, also differ in their immediate wants and needs. And these differences can be huge-in goals, priorities, interests, values, and practices.
Dependence and disagreement. It is here trapped in this problematic combination that you face your choice.
You can turn inward, focus on your own group, stay above the fray, and deal with others only as some specific need arises. Or you can turn outward and proactively engage the broader organization by building a network of ongoing, mutually supportive relationships with others.
What choice have you made?
Workshop Objectives: (3 Days)
 Know how to perfectly manage yourself
 Understand how to effectively manage your team
 Exhibit