Rebar Cutting and Bending Safety

Where an organization’s risk assessment of Rebar Cutting/Bending operations need identifies that there is a requirement for suitable training, then this course satisfies the requirements of the regulatory body for Rebar Cutting/Bending Safety.

As per– OSHAD SF CoP -35 & 36 including OSHA standards requirements. 

Learning Objectives 

  • State general hazards associated with rebar cutting and bending activity and the safety practices for protecting against these hazards
  • List hazards specific to hand tools, and explain how to prevent them
  • Identify appropriate safety practices for manual and electrical rebar cutting and bending
  • Identify safety requirements for using Rebar Cutting/Bending machines
  • Describe proper use of operator controls and guards
  • Explain when machines and tools must be inspected, and what actions to take if damage is found