Rigging Safety

Rigging & Inspection Course is designed to provide participants with a basic level of knowledge of rigging gear inspection, proper rigging procedures, and load control using typical rigging techniques. Classroom interactive, and problem-solving workshops. Training is as per OSHAD-SF requirements

Learning Objectives 

  • List the duties of the Rigger in lifting operations
  • Comply with safe work procedure for lifting
  • Participate in toolbox meeting 3.1.4 Estimate load and determine Centre of gravity
  • Conduct pre-lift inspection of lifting gear and accessories
  • Select the appropriate rigging equipment
  • Rig and direct load to destination with safe lifting
  • Check and verify load is properly rigged
  • Apply 3-step lifting and lowering method
  • Practice good housekeeping of lifting gear and accessories
  • Identify hazards related to lifting
  • Respond to lifting accident and emergencies