Time Management

Do you feel you never have time for anything? Do you feel you are always late? Do you feel you will never be able to finish work on time? Are you stressed me? Does it seem 24 hours are not enough? Participants are introduced to techniques of evaluating their current time and life patterns, identify and eliminate time wasters. Recognize various reasons for procrastination and how to overcome the same. Have defined and refined goals and focus on the outcome. Learn how to say NO. Learn practical techniques to organize time. Prioritize and manage work. Have a healthy work life balance.

OrientMCT will help you identify weather time is a friend or enemy by identifying time waster. You will be knowledgeable in using techniques and tools for scheduling, planning and prioritizing work. Have clear and practical smart goals. Know how to delegate and how to say no. The 80/20 rule and 4 zone time matrixes will be discussed.