Our Approach

Orient MCT offers a unique and unconventional approach in developing high performance teams. We have expertise in connecting people, process and technology to enhance performance. We have extensive local and regional experience that helps us understand unique customer situations and align our approaches to deliver practical and measurable improvement solutions.We do not offer “run of the mill” generic solutions but get inside your business and develop bespoke personal development solutions through rigorous productivity and management analysis. 

We offer programs covering a comprehensive range of business requirements, constantly keeping up to date with the latest training methodologies and management practices from around the world. 

In consulting, our approach is that of bringing the best expertise and skills and transferring them to your personnel ensuring a lasting benefit to you. 

Our approach to facilitate Clients:
  •  Assess their governance, management, process, technology and skill needs
  •  Determine the gaps between the needs and the current status
  •  Propose roadmaps, methods and solutions to filling the gaps optimally
  •  Accurately identify and understand specific demographic traits & skill gaps
  •  Quantify and measure the loss of productivity in business due to these gaps
  •  Develop customized consulting workshop and programs to address these gaps
  •  Provide accurate measurements on the productivity improvements after delivery
  •  Follow-up and measure effectiveness
  •  Incorporate learning and enhance service portfolio


We provide consulting, technology and training under the same roof as integrated solutions. This compares favorably against our competition who are either only training companies or only consultants. Our consulting solutions cover a wide domain from corporate governance and IT governance to technology solutions to business process design and management. 

As far as industries are concerned, our clients and experience elsewhere spans a wide variety including, energy, construction, manufacturing, real estate, telecommunications, government, healthcare and more.


We provide innovative, cutting-edge solutions for the development of corporates, businesses and individuals. From Leadership to Sales, from Health and Safety to Financial Services, whatever your business needs, we are sure to provide high quality services to cater for them. 

We specialize in designing customized solutions centered around your training requirements. Our training experts have knowledge and experience to develop these in collaboration with your teams. We also conduct pre-course assessments about specific training requirements, as well as post-course evaluations covering what they have taken away form the training as well as gathering feedback about their training experience. 

Most organizations are under pressure to determine the effectiveness of their training events. Therefore we offer a range of tools and assessments, including a 360° in-house evaluation system that will enable you to answer the question “Did the training work?” 

We arrange the very best trainers for your programs that have relevant skills and experience matching your environment. This means that attendees can expect highest standards of training content and delivery. Our trainers are selected based upon their skills and experience, their standing in the industry, the range of alternative delivery methods that they have and also on their ability to deliver compelling, vibrant, fun and effective courses. We believe that learning should be fun and effective. When the two go hand in hand you create a powerful learning experience that will remain with the delegates way beyond the actual event itself. We have adopted a policy of continuous improvement with all of our trainers through formal feedback sessions. 

Something that we believe strongly in is the ability to help the participants to implement and develop the skills that they have learned into their everyday working lives. We offer this through post-course email and phone support.

Our Corporate development engagements cover the following

- All of the preparation time required in order to gather your requirements and to get an understanding of your training needs.

- The time and expertise required to design and develop your bespoke course

- The delivery of your event by a highly experienced and specialized trainer

- Top quality course materials, manuals, handouts, assessments etc.  Email and telephone support after the course

- Email and telephone support after the course

- Providing feedback on the success of the event and on individual training development needs Course certificates

To make our courses and the content memorable for all of our delegates, we use a wide variety of delivery techniques. These techniques are specifically designed to enable our delegates to have an enjoyable learning experience, one that will remain with them long after the event itself. Attend one of our courses; then implement and use the strategies that you will learn and you will see measurable, tangible results in your performance.