Augmented & Virtual Reality

Virtual and Augmented reality pushes the boundaries of conventional learning with Entrancing Simulations and near to the real world through audio-visual experience

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is a technology that uses head mounted displays to generate realistic images and sounds that stimulate a user’s presence in imaginary or virtual environments – such as being in a remote in an ICCU or operation theatre, Factory shop floor or Data Center. In fact, one can be even in places that are not possible to go to in reality – such as being within the heart, brain or being an avatar different from your own, such as of a different gender or ethnicity

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is a technology that adds value to the real world by overlaying and displaying real-time digital information, data and media, such as pictures, videos, sound and 3D models, via the camera view of your smartphone, tablet, PC or via wearable tech such as a viewfinder or smart glasses. In the future, augmented reality could be a built-in feature in your own glasses or digital contact lens

Mixed Reality

While the three technologies are often mixed up, there are significant differences between VR, AR and Mixed Reality (MR). AR lets users see the real world and projects digital information onto the existing environment. VR shuts out everything else completely and provides an immersive simulation. Mixed reality is closer to AR in the sense that it also projects synthetic content on the environment that is anchored in reality. However, unlike AR, MR technology interacts with the world. It means that while AR will soon be able to project the clinical data of a patient in front of me, MR first senses what is around and projects the requested data adjusted to the given environment.

Consulting & Training

At the core of OMCT, is a team that has decades of experience in conceptualising, planning and executing multimedia and VR based projects. Strong competence in the medical domain and Product Marketing is a plus. In addition, the team has executed projects in Management Training, Banking Skills, Career Planning, and Communication etc.

If you are looking to ratify your ideas and require help in shaping them into a product, the OMCT team is here to help. We will examine your proposal, work out the production kinks and ensure that it is well-defined so that the development vendor of your choice has clarity and can complete the project within available time and budget.

Virtual and Augmented Reality enhances passive E-Learning into Hands-On Interactive Experience