IOT (Internet of Things)

Information access to the network is even more profound as homes, buildings, offices and even the whole city begins to connect to each other, providing a whole new experience of a connected world and a seamless virtual reality which can only be made possible through strong connectivity. Machines are getting smarter to enable faster and more efficient delivery of services. 

IOT Solution Consulting

Our IoT digital transformation framework & IoT monetization maturity models will ensure right strategy & roadmap are defined for your IoT vision. We consider the stakeholder vision/concerns, market dynamics, the business value and the traction from strategic/tactic/operations angle. An enterprise blueprint for the IoT rollout is also shared with the business.

Our Solution

Our platform is sensor and protocol agnostic, can handle millions of data streams and provide real-time insights to help with efficient roll out of IoT in your business. Our verticals are: 

Agriculture | Smart Cities | Smart Buildings | Smart Environment | Education | Manufacturing | Healthcare | Insurance | Retail | Fleet & Logistics | Automotive | Energy & Utilities | Telecom | Security & Surveillance | Hospitality | Sports | Others 

Collect data through device sensors that matters to you & solve your business challenges through insights driven solutions!