Safety Cases

Safety cases have been a requirement for the chemical (CIMAH, COSHH), nuclear (NII/HSE), defense, offshore and transportation industries in the UK for many years and serve as a method of demonstrating that a company is exercising an adequate risk management policy in the design and operation of their facilities. RiskOSH Inc. engineers have a long and successful history in preparing and submitting Safety Cases in these sectors. Our approach to Safety Cases for existing facilities is based on the following philosophy:

  • Maximising use of existing valid data, reports and procedures to minimize costs;
  • Working closely with the client recognizing that ultimate ownership, understanding and responsibility rests with the client;
  • Developing a well-structured approach to the Safety Case, making it simple for operators to maintain and regulators to review;
  • Defining clearly at an early stage the scope of the installation Safety Case with regard to other facilities, and interfaces with corporate activities;
  • Tailoring the approach for facilities varying in age, design type, production, field, layout and local management structure;
  • Using pragmatic techniques with a common-sense approach and good engineering judgement. Examples are the screening out at an early stage of low consequence, low frequency hazards;
  • To this end, for an existing facility, the first task we undertake is a review of the existing documentation and studies. Such a study not only assesses the current status of an existing facility, but also develops project management tools for use in the subsequent production of the Safety Case